International Journal of Current Research in Science and Engineering (IJCRSE)

International Journal of Current Research in Science and Engineering (IJCRSE) is an open access journal that publishes articles, which contribute new repercussions in selected areas of the communication and computer technologies.

It is an international journal intended for professionals and researchers in all fields of Engineering, for programmers, and software and hardware manufacturers. The journal also aims to publish new endeavors in the form of special issues on emerging research areas in all Engineering areas.


IJCRSE is a peer reviewed Journal publishing Research Manuscripts, short- Communications and Reviews from Multidisciplinary Academia and Industrial Research IJCRSE is available online to the readers without any barriers. It provides a platform for Academicians, Research Scholars and Industries to publish their innovative research Findings and to share with others. This Journal is published quarterly in its official website.

Thrust areas of this Journal:

Electrical, Electronic, computer Engineering, Information Technology, Mechnicl, Mechatronics, Material and Chemical Engineering, Civil, Architecture, Biotechnology, and Bio Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Nano-Science and Technology, Photonics, Optoelectronics, Crystal Engineering, Photochemisgtry, Bio-inorganic. Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry and branches related to physical nd chemical sciences. Academicians, Research Scholars and Industries are invited to send their Manuscripts to IJCRSE for publication.

Paper Submission:

Anybody can submit the soft copy of his/her manuscript in MS Word format by mailing to

After receiving the manuscripts, they are sent for review based on the topic of research and any comments, correction or modification are intimated to the author. Confirmation of acceptance will be given once the author satisfies the comments and comply with the changes suggested. After the review is over acceptance letter will be sent to the corresponding author by e-mail. The whole process will be over within a month. Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, it will undergo language copy editing, type-setting and reference validation in order to provide the highest possible publication quality.

TEMPLATE - Please use this template for your paper


Introduction should define the background and significance of the study by considering the relevant literature.

Materials and methods

The research design, subjects, materials used, model and make of the instruments used in the study, the softwares used for calculation and statistical methods should be included.  This part should be as clear as possible to enable other scientists to repeat the research presented.

Results and Discussion

All results based on methods must be included.  Discussions on the results of the investigation must be presented.


Major findings of the study and their usefulness shall be summarized in this section.


If necessary, a brief acknowledgements section may be included.


References should appear on a separate page.  The references should be cited at the end of the manuscript in the order of their appearance in the text.  For citation of references with more than six authors, only the first authors name followed by et al., should be used.
References of journal articles, books, chapters in book etc. should be cited as follows:
Journal articles
Drawes S.E., Freese S.D., Roos G.H.P., Tetrahedron, 1988, 44, 4653
Book reference: Authors name, book name, chapter name, title of the book (edition of book), publisher name with location, year of publication, page no.


Each table should be given on a separate page. Each table should have a short, descriptive title and numbered in the order cited in the text.  Only MS word table format should be used for preparing tables.


Graphs and bar graphs should preferably be prepared using Microsoft excel and submitted as excel graph pasted on word.  Photos or drawings must have a good contrast of dark and light.  Legends of figures should be brief, but complete and self explanatory.  Chemical and biochemical structures are drawn using chem draw.
Processing Fee for a full article: XXXXXX


A communication may have a short abstract, scheme or graphical abstract.  This does not have exhaustive experimental and results and discussion.  The communication may not exceed two or three pages
Processing Fee: XXXXXx

Review articles

Review articles should include the extensive data collections with illustrative diagrams.  Authors should include abstract for the review articles also.  The review articles  should not exceed twenty pages
Processing Fee: XXXXX

Covering letter

Every manuscript submitted should be accompanied by a covering letter addressed to the Editor, IJRSCE.  Give the complete address, mobile no., fax, email id of the corresponding author, the significance of the research article submitted, a declaration that the article submitted is not published already, nor under submission, under review and consideration for publication in any other journal and it is a record of the original work done by the author and co-authors.


The authors and coauthors are solely responsible for the veracity of the statements made, correctness of the data, results and discussion given in the article.

Article Processing Fee

International journal of research in science and engineering adopts open access author paying policy in which the cost of production is defrayed by the author/authors/institutions towards article processing fee, for full details visit the main site.


Authors are also instructed to submit the copyright transfer form once the article is accepted for publication.  IJRSCE adopts open access journal publishing policy in which authors can maintain the copyright of the article (refer copyright form)

For any further details authors are informed to write to     
Our journal is now available in major bibliographic databases including index Copernicus, Google scholar, scirus, indianscience.